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Among all the fresh young faces this year on the European Tour one stands out in the crowd, Billy. Standing at knee high of many tour professionals, Billy has taken over the European Tour’s “Big Interviews”, now aptly named “Little Interviews”. Billy grills the best of the best with his hard-hitting journalism, like the legends before him, as he aims to get answers to the questions all golf fans are dying to know.
The big man has already sat opposite stars of the game like four-time Major Champion Rory McIlroy, 2018 Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjørn, the 2010 US Open winner Graeme McDowell, newbie (and fan favourite) Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston, golf fanatic and One Direction singer Niall Horan, and Chilean golf superstar Felipe Aguilar.
All guests on Little Interviews are hit with arguably more personal and cutting questions then these pros are used to. The European Tour’s new approach with a young golf fan conducting the interviews has not scared off any guests no matter how difficult the question. As for Billy, or King-B as his friends call him, he has a bright career and a growing fan base to look forward to. Everyone is waiting for another “Little Interviews” to see what Billy has up his sleeve next and who else is in his crosshairs. No matter the subject of discussion, the pint-sized interviewer always leaves his guests with a big smile and a bit humbler.

Graeme McDowell

Graeme McDowell had the honour of being Billy’s first guest on the newly rebranded program. After a couple of softballs to open the interview, McDowell was comfortable and unguarded and Billy hit him with the big ones. Never to leave his guests unhappy, Billy sealed his inaugural broadcast with a handshake and gift that has turned into his signature closing move.


Niall Horan
Fresh off his first interview, Billy heads in another direction, One Direction, leading him to Niall Horan. Other than being a singing superstar, Horan is a self-professed golf fanatic and runs his own golf management company. Neither star-struck nor intimidated, Billy lays into Horan as usual leaving no stone unturned. During the interview Billy presses him on his career, golf affiliations, and his birdies on and off the course.


Thomas Bjørn
“You’re one of the oldest people I’ve ever interviewed.” Billy welcomes his latest victim guest Thomas Bjørn with fire. Ever the investigator, Billy gets to the bottom of nicknames, bad play, and golfers with good looks.


Andrew “Beef” Johnston
Billy is back at it again pressing “The Beef” on his looks, which golfer he could beat in a fist fight, his tournament wins, and so much more. Laying off the golf for a moment, Billy delves into Johnston’s personal life and how he deals in his new-found fame and glory. Billy’s usual sign off gift for this episode left “The Beef” with a bushel of veggies and another great interview in the books.


Rory McIlroy
The pint-sized reporter delves into McIlroy’s questionable past looks, his time at the 2016 Rio Olympics, female tennis players, and the coveted green jacket. Putting McIlroy on deck, Billy challenges him to beat his best shot on a nearby tee. In this episode Billy’s parting gift will keep McIlroy warm on his next wedding day.


Felipe Aguilar
In his most fiery segment to date, Billy interviews Felipe Aguilar. Not one to give his guests an easy ride, Billy questions Aguilar on his time in the majors, or lack thereof, his favorite golf moments, and his upcoming run in the 2020 summer Olympics.

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