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Earth Day


Earth Day

Any true golfer understands the importance of nature be it the trees that block your shot, the sand bunker that adds to you score, or the water hazard that inevitably raises your handicap. Nature is an integral part of the game and even more then the game of golf, nature is just plain integral. Every year people around the world celebrate Earth Day to remind each other what it is that makes the earth so special and what they can do to keep it that way.
This Earth Day you can do more then you ever imagined to protect and preserve the planet on and off the course.



When playing a round or just driving to the course, the less fossil fuels burned the better. Burning off gas in your car and carts releases harmful toxins into the environment polluting the atmosphere you breathe in. To offset this, try carpooling with your foursome, or not taking a golf cart if there isn’t an electric one available.


There is no need to be wasteful with water or food. Waste less natural resources and in the end, need less natural resources. Don’t run the tap when brushing your teeth and if you need to water the lawn at night, do it at night when there is less demand on the system. Install water catchers to cultivate your own water, compost wasted food and use in your garden. If the effect on the environment isn’t enough, think of the money saved on hydro bills, garden supplies and water. When at the course, don't use a new tee at each tee box. Spend the few seconds required following your tee shot to find your tee and use it until as many times as possible. When you break a long tee that you used for your driver save it for when you tee up an iron or long wood on a par 3 or short par 4. Remember to always remove your tee from the ground when finished. This helps with the health of the turf as well as reduces the stress on the cutting heads of the mowers.



Who doesn’t like to enjoy a few drinks on the course, but what do you do with your empty containers? We hope you don't fling them into the bush. Almost everything tossed into a general trash bin is usually recyclable or compostable. Instead of adding to the already heaping landfills, take the time to sort your waste into the appropriate bins so it can be recycled or composted. When at the course consider saving your containers until the end of the round and return them to the clubhouse or snack shack where they can be properly recycled.


Think Electric

The most common way to reduce your carbon footprint and celebrate Earth Day is to turn off the lights. Less electricity used means less stress on the hydro plants and less fuel required to power the grid. The simplest method is to get in the habit of turning off the lights in a room when leaving. Take it a step further and install motion sensors, these are great for closets or other areas where your hands are usually full and can't reach for the switch. Install solar panels on the room of your home to reduce your carbon footprint and electric bill. Did you know that you can sell excess energy back to the hydro company and recieve a cheque at the end of the month? 
Need more ways to celebrate?  Join Meadowbrook Golf Club for the annual lights out candle lit dinner on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd.  Delicious food, great company and all in the name of a good cause. Check out the menu below.

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