2017 What's In The Bag

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2017 What's In The Bag

2017 What's In The Bag


SM6 Vokey Wedges

Introducing the new Vokey Design Wedges. SM6 center of gravity (CG) is progressive through the wedge set. Aligning the center of gravity with the impact position of each loft produces precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel. These wedges come in:
    • A traditional full sole with medium to high bounce, the F Grind is an all-purpose wedge, particularly suited for full shots.
    • Heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides for maximum versatility around the greens.
    • Trailing edge and heel grind provides stability on full shots while maintaining versatility around the greens.
    • The wide sole provides for excellent bunker play, while camber enhances greenside shot versatility.
    • Enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides maximum versatility best fit for firm playing conditions.
If you have been playing your wedges for more than 125 games it is time to grab a new set to keep your approach inside the red-zone and prevent unwanted rollout on the green.

Odyssey Putters

With 490 worldwide tour wins, 80 PGA tour wins and almost $700 million in winnings, Odyssey Golf is considered to some to be the best putters out there. Here are some of the Odyssey putters that you can pick up in 2017:
  • O-Works
    • Microhinge Insert Technology provides incredible gains in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke. The stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-molded into their Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, providing great feel and the new geometry of the hinges and urethane together help to get the ball into a better roll at impact.
  • White Hot RX
    • The next evolution in White Hot feel, combined with better roll to get the ball in to a pure roll faster to help control your speed. The oval design that created quicker, better roll in their Metal-X and Odyssey Works models is in White Hot RX. When you combine the speed, and roll of this elastomer insert with next generation White Hot feel, well, you’re onto something really big.
  • Tank
    • Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser Putters take their revolutionary Versa alignment and adjustable counterbalance and put them together in Tour proven head shape models.

Taylormade Putters

TaylorMade's new Collection of putters takes thoughtful design and precision milling to the next level. With the #1 player in the world already collecting 3 wins this year playing his Spider putter.
    • The spider tour red has perimeter weighting for added stability and no sightline to hone the player’s focus. It also features a pure roll insert to increase topspin and improve forward roll.
  • SOTO
    • With a slight toe hang, a full shaft offset, and two 10g weights in the sole, Soto is optimized for golfers who prefer to release the toe through impact.
  • JUNO
    • A short, single sightline on top provides simple alignment, while two 10g weights in the sole aid in the putter's overall stability. Juno also features a slight toe hang and a full shaft offset to fit the stroke of golfers who prefer to release the toe through impact.
    • Featuring a slight toe hang, two 5g weights in the sole, and two sightlines on the back cavity, Mullen enables golfers who prefer to release the toe through impact to benefit from the added stability and alignment of a mallet design.
    • A single sightline on the back cavity and two 5g weights in the sole to aid in alignment and stability. Complete with a double-bend shaft and full shaft offset, Mullen fits golfers with a straight back, straight through putter stroke.

Taylormade M1/M2 driver

The 2017 M1 and M2 drivers deliver more distance and more forgiveness through reimagined multi-material construction.   
New T-track adjustable weight system
  • Allows for more front-to-back CG movement than the original M1
  • 94% more CG movement in the 440 model then the original M1 430 model
  • More Aerodynamic track for improved club speed
Geocoustic Technology
  • Advanced sole shaping with a two-tiered contour enables a larger clubface and larger address footprint for added forgiveness
  • External sound ribs actively manage vibrations and pitches for exceptional sound a feel

Taylormade Hybrid M1

  • A sliding weight track into a hybrid club for the first time, the 2017 M1 Rescue features a 27g adjustable weight for L-to-R personalization and a new open-channel Speed Pocket for forgiveness.
  • Refined clubhead shaping with a small footprint, deep face, and improved leading edge delivers long and forgiving performance from anywhere on the course.

Taylormade Hybrid M2

  • Incorporates the M Family’s iconic black and white crown cosmetic on a refined, playable head shape. The result is a club that improves alignment and inspires confidence at address.
  • Geocoustic technology in the new M2 features two-tiered sole shaping for added playability and externalized sound ribs for exceptional sound and feel.

Callaway Epic driver

The GBB Epic Driver represents an epic shift in how the head and face behave to enhance power, spearheaded by their innovative Jailbreak Technology and Exo-Cage/triaxial carbon construction. Any golfer, from scratch players to high handicappers, should find more speed, distance and control with GBB Epic.

Callaway Epic fairway

GBB Epic fairway woods incorporate their revolutionary and proprietary triaxial carbon composite material to enhance forgiveness, power and accuracy in a huge way. The triaxial carbon crown weighs just 5.8g, making it an incredible 78% lighter than a steel crown. The saved weight is redistributed into strategic locations within the head to maximize MOI and lower the CG, making Epic fairway woods extraordinarily easy to launch

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